05.03.2005 - Gold and bronze for Grand in Sofia

Nasaf Nasaf and Petya Despova won their first title in the competition for Junior II, class D in Sofia today.
Their was another Grand couple in the final of this category - Kaloyan Angelov and Petq Chankova won 5th place.
In the evening section of the competition Ivailo Martinov and Krasimira Kirqkova won the bronze medals in Junior I,
class C, out of 18 couples.
Congratulations to all our couples and lot's of success in the next competition.

26.03.2005 - Grand in the finals of IDSF Open Sofia 2005

Aur Junior I couple Ivailo Martinov and Krasimira Kirqkova achieved a very good result making the finalin Junior II
Standart competition at Sofia Open today. They finished in 6th place and were veri close to the final in Latin where
they were placed 7th.
There were two more Grand couples in the Latin semi-finals:Kaloyan Angelov and Petya Chankova (11th place) and Jusein
Faik and Katerina Hristeva (12th place).
Another good result for Grand came with IDSF Open Adults Latin where Nikolay Manolov and Pavlina Valcheva just
missed the finel and finished 7th out of 37 couples.

09.04.2005 - Bronze medals for Jusein and Katerina

JUsein Faik nd Katerina Hristeva won 3rd place in the cometition for Junior II, class C, in Semkovo todey. These are
their first medals and they are very happy because they actually win the Latin section of the competition.

01.04.2005 - Gold for our preps in Pazardjik

Grand's preparatory groups from Haskovo and Dimitrovgrad acieved 1th place in the team match for class E in Pazardjik.
That brought them the big trophy of the competition and they all were very happy about it. So were we.


16.04.2005 - Another title for Ivailo and Krasimira, Nasaf and Petya second in Plovdiv

Ivailo Martinov & Krasimira Kiriakova were unbeatable at the competition for class 13C
in Plovdiv today winning eight out of ten dancers. This is their second title this season
confirming their good form.
In addition to that Nasaf Nasaf & Petya Despova won silver medals in Junior II, class D,
just missing the gold. Once again there were two Grand couples in the final of this category
- Kaloyan Angelov & Petya Chankova finished in 5th place.
In the same age group but one class higher Jusein Faik & Katerina Hristeva won 4th place.
In their first competition in Juvenile II Rosen Gospodinov & Liliya Petrova achieved
place in the semi-finals.
There was another Grand debut at this competition - brother and sister team Valentin &
Mihaela Velizarovi who made the semi-finals in class 13C.
Grand team is proud with the results of our couples and wish them many good results to

24.04.2005 - Two final for Grand in Pazardjik

The biggest open competition took place in Pazardjik this weekend.
More than 200 couples guaranteed that there would be big rivalry
on the dancefloor.
We are happy that two of our young couples confirmed that they are
one of the best in their categories and both finished in 4th place -
Ivailo Martinov & Krasimira Kiriakova in class 13C and Nasaf Nasaf
& Petya Despova in class 15D.

25.04.2005 - Ivailo and Krasimira in class 13B

After making the finals in all competition in their category,
winning two titles and one bronze medal, Ivailo Martinov &
Krasimira Kiriakova have gathered enough points and from the
next competition they will start in the highest class in their
age group - 13B.
Considering they have been dancing together for just 6 months
we would like to say

06.05.2005 - First Grand Cup - Haskovo'05 - results day 1

The first national competition organized by Dance Club Grand
and Bulgarian Dancesport Federation took place in Haskovo today.
As hosts of the event Grand couples did very well and two of
them were crowned as champions in two of the major categories.
In Ameteur Latin, class S, Nikolay Manolov & Pavlina Valcheva
won first place.
So did Ivailo Martinov & Krasimira Kiriakova in their first
competition in class 13B - Latin. In fact they were very close to
win the Standart section as well (2:3 dances) but finished with
silver medals.
Another set of silver medals was added to Grand's bucket by
Nasaf Nasaf & Petya Despova in class 15D. Once again their team-
mates Kaloyan Angelov & Petya Chankova were in the finals of this
category too - this time in 4th place.
One of of the audience's favorites were Jusein Faik & Katerina
Hristeva who won the bronze in class 15C.
Their first final in class 13C achieved Valentin & Mihaela
Velizarovi. It was 5th place for them.
The youngest members of Grand Team Rosen Gospodinov & Liliya
Petrova finished in 4th place in class 11D.
Grand Cup Haskovo 2005 was a celebration of talent, ambition and
beauty and both audience and competitors were pleased to be part of it.
Grand Team would like to thank the Municipality of Haskovo and all
the sponsors who supported us. We are happy that we can proudly say -
our first attempt at organising national competitions was more than

07.05.2005 First Grand Cup - Haskovo'05 - results day 2

The second day of Grand Club Haskovo 2005 was competition for preparatury
groups. We are proud with our future dance stars from Haskovo and Dimitrovgrad
who teamed-up very well and won 2nd place for Grand in the Team Match.
As you can see they all were very happy to have the cup in their hands.

20.05.2005 - Ivailo and Krasimira in the final of the National Championship.

Ivailo Martinov & Krasimira Kiriakova finished in 4th place in
the National Championship for Junior I- Latin held in Plovdiv today.
That is a very good result for them considering there was a question
whether to coplete or not due to health problems.
Congratulations kids - you proved that you are fighters!
We have to mention there were three Grand couples in the National Junior II
Latin Championship. Kaloyan Angelov & Petya Chankova and Jusein Faik & Katerina Hristeva
just missed the semi-final, finishing in 13th and 14th place. But Nasaf Nasaf & Petya Despova
got into the next round and finished 10th after all. Considering they are only
class D - good for them!

22.05.2005 - Final for Grand at IDSF Open Plovdiv'05

Once again Ivailo Martinov & Krasimira Kiriakova were the reason
to mention Dance Club Grand at the finals in Plovdiv. This time
they are finalist in the International Junior I Latin Competition.
They were placed 5th in the overall results.
In addition to that Ivailo and Krasimira almost made the final in the
Junior II Latin - it was 8th place for them there.
Rosen Gospodinov & Liliya Petrova surprised themselves after making
the semi-finals in the International Juvenile II Competition.They
definitely did better than the National Championship (14th place) and
achieved 9th place. If you want then you can do it kids!

28.05.2005 - Silver trophy for Grand's future stars.

Grand's future competitors from Haskovo and Dimitrovgrad won 2nd place
in the Rising Stars Competition held in Asenovgrad. Ahead of them in the
team match were only the hosts of the event.

11.06.2005 - Nasaf and Petya in class 15C after silver in Sofia

One of our most promising couples Nasaf Nasaf & Petya Despova
won 2nd place in Sofia today. This result has brought them enough
points and they are moving up to class 15C. Grand Team would like
to wish them all the best in their upcoming competitions.

22.10.2005. - Ivailo and Krasimira finalists in Sliven

Eight couples took part in the competition for class 13B - Latin
in Sliven today. We are proud that Ivailo Martinov & Krasimira Kirikova
made their way through the other young and talented couples and
had qualified for the final. They missed the bronze for just one point
and finished in 4th place.
In the evening section of the competition - "Bulgaria Cup" two Grand couples,
Ivailo and Krasimira and Jusein and Katerina, reached the semi-final in
Junior II Latin.

29.10.2005. - First Grand Cup Dimitrovgrad'05 - Two titles for Grand

For second time this year Dance Club Grand, together with BDSF, has
organised National Competition - this time. The first ever dance sport
competoton in this town was well appreciated by the audience and the
competitors who came to take part in it.
Grand Team had won two titles from the event.
The first came with the Zonal Championship for class 11D where
Rosen Gospodinov & Liliya Petrova triumphed with the gold. This was
their first title and they, and we all, are very happy with their result.
According to the rules by achieving this result they automaticly move
to the higher class - 11C. congratulations!
The second gold for Grand was won by Nasaf Nasaf & Petya Despova in
their first competition in class 15C. To win it they beat their team-mates
Jusein Faik & Katerina Hristeva who finished 2nd.
Kaloyan Angelov & Petya Chankova won their first medals. It was silver
for them in class 15D.
Just out of the medals, in 4th place, finished Valentin & Mihaela Velizarovi
in class 13C.
Grand Team would like to thank the Municipality of Dimitrovgrad and all the
sponsors who supported us and made this event possible. We hope that the
First Grand Cup Dimitrovgrad 2005 will become tradition in the years to come.

26.11.2005. - Silver for Nasaf and Petya at The Zonal Championship

It took only two competitions for Nasaf Nasaf & Petya Despova to move
from class 15C to class 15B. It became possible after they won 2nd place
at the Zonal Championship in Pazardjik today.
But they were not the only Grand couple in the final of this category -
Jusein Faik & Katerina Hristeva also passed the semi-final and won 4th
Valentin & Mihaela Velizarovi just missed the final in class 13C finishing
in 7th place.

03.12.2005. - Ivailo and Krasimira silver medalists from the IDSF International Open in Croatia

In their international debut Ivailo Martinov & Krasimira Kiriakova
achieved great result - they won 2nd place in the IDSF Junior I International
Open Ltin in Varazdin, Croatia.
But there were few more Grand couples at this event who also did well.
In their first competition ever our new couple Ljuboslav Stoev & Veselina
Birbuchukova finished in 4th place in Juvenile I Latin.
Kaloyan Angelov & Petya Chankova and Jusein Faik & Katerina Hristeva
had qualified for the semi-final in the IDSF Junior II Open Latin and finished
in 11th and 13th place.
For second year in a row Nikolai Manolov & Pavlina Valcheva were one of top
24 Adults couples in the IDSF International Open Latin.